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Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
Why are you using HDF files? Don't those slow things down a lot? What if you want to copy some files to/from your Amiga HDF to/from your PC (music, pictures, source code)? How would you copy files (music, pics, etc) from OS3.9 HDF to OS4.1 HDF? (I know you could mount it, just making a point). So much easier to just copy/paste on the PC side from folder to folder.
Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
You can also mount a directory as a Harddrive as a Work partition. That's what I do.
Can't use UAE devices with 4.1 as they require 68k, hence why we are creating real HDF files with RDB and emulating real IDE

Yes I agree this is probably one of the things slowing it down and maybe causing the DSI errors, but that's what we have to do for now.

Sorry Toni, I will post logs but I've been absurdly busing, working all day
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