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Toni Wilen
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Beta 12:

- Windowed mode status bar button mouse click off-by-one fix.
- If command line has more than one -f/-config= parameters, config will be now reset to built-in defaults only once, before first config file is loaded.
- Updated CHD support, uncompressed CHD write support added, can be mounted as read-write hardfile. (CD subchannel support may or may not work, there does not appear to be easy way to convert ccd/sub/img combination to chd)
- CSPPC/BPPC IPL_EMU register's M68K_IPL bits only change when PPC is interrupt master.
- b11 Blizzard accelerator Z3 autoconfig hack didn't work correctly.
- BlizzardPPC flash mapping fixed (b11)
- 68000 mode, without CE and more compatible, RTE instruction didn't check for odd program counter. updated again, now BPPC images are full 512k, rom scanner won't detect smaller images anymore. Manual selection still works with 256k images.
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