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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
I'm kind of surprised the PearPC developer thought that was a good idea with a emulator aimed at running a general purpose OS.
I guess it is the usual problem: no test cases, emulating "exceptional" code without test case is difficult to get right.

Originally Posted by DarrenHD View Post
Toni, does that include A2065 Z2? We tested the 68k driver during development of OS 4.1 Classic and it worked. If you select A2065 Z2 in winuae it actually shows up in showconfig as present, however the internet connection wizard crashes trying to configure it. If that won't work and if uaenet.device, and bsdsocket.library won't work also, is there any other way you can suggest to get the system "online" ?
A2065 is hardware board. Crash is probably PPC CPU emulation related.

Also, many 68k drivers do work - such as the entire Poseidon stack which can stay resident in memory (when used with a Deneb). Maybe there is a way to load your uae boot rom during OS4.1 Classic booting.
Maybe but I think you forgot that I don't care about OS4. Problems due to PPC emulation bugs: I do care, at least a bit. Not hardware related: Not my problem.

EDIT: and it could be PPC emulation problem, emulators (m68k emulation in OS4 in this case) can use rarely used instructions.

PS - there is also graphic corruption/mouse trails if you run the emulation in a window - if you run it full screen there is no corruption.
I haven't seen any and I always run in window.

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