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My favorite computer for Winuae is not that fast but has a great display. It is an old Thinkpad with a 1600x1200 UXGA flexview display. Single core, around 1.8ghz, amd gpu with 64mb memory. Around 2005 vintage. Old but not nearly as old as my Amigas. Much faster than a real Amiga for most things. It's the display quality that really does it for me. Almost all rtg and native modes display perfectly in full screen. I'm testing the PPC emulation on a similar Thinkpad with core duo. Faster processor and emulation but the 1400x1050 sxga display doesn't scale full screen video as nicely. I have to set the display to 1280x1080 to get a clear display. Similar ATI gpu.

Winuae can run well on a lot of different hardware. I find it really cool to have an Amiga on a laptop and I've been giving it my old Thinkpad for the most part because I'm not using it for much else and the display quality is so good.
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