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Excellent machines to use are so called "Enterprise" class PC's from HP, Lenovo or Dell.
You can buy a used HP Elite 8300 with i5 3470, 8GB ram, 500GB HD, Windows 7 or 8 license for between US$200-$300 used or "refurbished" (check ebay or marketplaats or some place like those).
These machines are very reliable and are perfect for use with emulation. They also have legacy ports like serial, parallel and PS/2 as well as VGA and Displayport and built in speaker (low quality but good enough if you have no space for external speakers).
If you want to add a graphics card down the road it is ok too (except on small form factor machines which may not have power supply big enough for big graphics cards like AMD R9 or Nvidia GTX). But you will end up spending far more money on just that graphics card than on entire PC!
Get a nice CRT monitor for that "authentic" feel and build a converter to attach a real Amiga keyboard to your PC!

Good luck with your "new" machine!
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