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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Can you confirm M68K_IPL bits only change when PPC CPU reads them? They seem to be stuck at all ones when M68K reads them, even inside interrupt routine.
I can confirm that M68k_IPL bits change. But the PPC has to be interrupt master to make it work. Reading these bits by a PowerUp or WarpOS process shows no change.
I inserted a printf in amiga_get_irq() in the NetBSD/amigappc kernel. It definitely prints the current interrupt level.

Emulation does this and it seems to work.
Yes. WarpOS or PowerUp don't need these bits.

Stops immediately or when it tries to do next memory access? (Maybe difficult to test, maybe by making sure test code is in instruction cache?)
Yes. That's really difficult. And even if I make it execute in the cache, how do I determine and remember my result?
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