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I have a new setup for the PPC emulation (OS 3.9 BB2, A4000/Cyberstorm PPC emulated - and warpUP and PowerUP apps are working).

So I installed Wazp3d and I can't get it to work. When I try to start a Warp3D app the window for the app comes up (for example gears68k-window), but then I get "Ramlib program failed error #80000000A"

Anyone know why?


1)Are you supposed to install the real Warp3D 4.2a first, then install Wazp3D (That is what I did, and the Wazp 3D install instructions kind of imply that you have warp3d.library already existing, but it's unclear for WinUAE)

2) Now that warpOS/ppc is working, should demos like Encore by Night or Sulaco work? They are WarpOS/PPC demos that also need Warp3D.

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