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Few games don't switch resolution from video card to native amiga resolution!

I'm running WinUAE with AmigaOS3.9, Picasso96 being set to 1024x768x16bit...

I have problem running following games: Reunion, Space Hulk, Breathless, Ishar3, Fury of the Furries, SlamTilt etc. They don't switch resolution from Picasso96 video card to native amiga resolution. Upon clicking on a game icon, the WB screen seems to froze and I can hear only sounds from the game intro or cracktro and if I keep mouse clicking I can advance to the game menu and hear sound from the game itself. All this time WB screen is still being frozen and mouse pointer doesn't move.

However, these games DO run when Picasso96 is disabled and video card not used. So what is the problem you may wonder? Well, I have setup a nice WB look (along with Birdie, startmenu, highres wallpaper etc) and want that collection of my favorite games started by clicking on icons. Maybe a solution is to this problem is simple? I have tried various WinUAE versions, kickstarts, uaecgx resolutions, memory and CPU settings and nothing works but disabling the Picasso96 display and going back to native Amiga resolutions. I have installed the latest RTG master but that disn't work.

Any help on this issue? Thanks in advance....
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