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Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
Another thing: I am curious why PearPC's JIT was suggested for future WinUAE PPC emulation, since as far as I am aware PearPC is not actively maintained and is considered quite slow. How about a PPC JIT core from QEMU, or Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii emulator) - the latter is quite fast, if a recent i7 can comfortably emulate a 700MHz+ PPC CPU (and potentially more), this may be quite fast for OS4.x (and/or MorphOS).

My understanding is that the PPC JIT from SheepShaver (PPC classic Mac emulator) lacks MMU support which is needed for OS4.x. I'm not sure if MorphOS (whether the classic PowerUP Free Edition, or the current 3.x builds) has the same MMU requirement as OS4.x there.

PearPC was choosen because it was the easiest to implement according to Toni Wilen. And he has never had that much intresst in PPC so he took the quickest road to get results and thats it. And why he didnt activate JIT to start with is that its easier to debug without. When he reaches what he thinks is enough he will activate JIT and if it works fine, if not then it will be left out, But its open source so "anyone" can replace the PPC part with another.

EDIT: i was to late see Toni┤s answer instead.
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