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after lot of suffering I have a descent blizard ppc emulation working
I solved all problems using BPPCFix-GUI , then I can change between kernels with a simple click

what I tested:

warpjpeg datatype: working.

mpega.library ppc: working but very slow, there is not enough emulation power to play any mp3 file at 44100 hz

warphexen: not working, after I select screen mode screen goes black

warpheretic: idem as warphexen

my conclusion:
The emulation of ppc is yet very slow,I calculated is about 25% of a ppc at 166mhz
unless some PPC- JIT emulation is implemented this is real obsolete because even a haswell intel cpu which are fantastic in single core speed will not reach the 50% of power of a 160mhz ppc in the weakest blizzard

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