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Originally Posted by ajack View Post

LoadResident also gives a guru meditation (during reboot) error. The command I used was:

loadresident devs:scsi.device reboot

Something that concerns me also is the fact that I decided to give up and use up the first ~7.8GB of my 16GB CF card. Installed WB 3.1 (with BetterWB 3.6) into a 512MB DH0 FFS partition and the rest as a DH1 PFS3 partition.

After a quick format of DH1, I decided to run the pfsdoctor tool on it. When I ran pfsdoctor, I get a warning message that it could not verify over the 4GB barrier (recalling from memory, not sure exact words) and suggest I do not proceed with pfsdoctor.

Should I be concerned?


I am not sure how to get an updated scsi.device working on my setup. Both LoadModule and LoadResident both restarts (I assume the restart is required to load the scsi.device into memory) and gives me a Guru Meditation error.

Re-running pfsdoctor did not reproduce the 4GB barrier error message, not sure if the program flagged about the warning or the message was a one off glitch.

I will now keep my 16GB CF card until a solution present itself to get this working on an Amiga 500 with Kipper2k's a508ide kit.

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