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Originally Posted by pampers View Post
Awesome progress. Maybe you want to give this a try
May be slightly off topic: Regarding the state of emulation of MorphOS (PPC) on Intel platforms, I recall that back in 2008, Mark "Bigfoot" Olsen (on the MorphOS team) released a screenshot of a patched version of QEMU emulating a Pegasos2 running MorphOS. (Direct link to screenshot)

Unfortunately it seems this project was abandoned, as seen with this 2009 interview with Mark Olsen:

Originally Posted by David Brunet
- QEMU is another way to increase the number of potential clients for MorphOS. In April 2008, you published a screenshot showing QEMU emulating a Pegasos II with MorphOS 1.5/pre-2.0. Is there any news about it ?
Originally Posted by Mark Olsen
No, none at all. The thing has been dead since that screenshot. Qemu has changed quite a lot internally since then, and most of the work would have to be redone. Furthermore it never worked that well at all: the emulated IDE controller caused problems, networking didn't work, sound didn't work, display required a modified Radeon driver inside MorphOS and it really wasn't very fast at all.
AFAIK MorphOS for classic Amigas + PPC is no longer in development, the latest branch currently at 3.7 mostly runs on old PPC Macs (a totally different platform to the classic Amiga environment emulated by WinUAE). The terms and conditions also rule out an emulated environment in practice - however hypothetically it would be interesting to consider.

Another thing: I am curious why PearPC's JIT was suggested for future WinUAE PPC emulation, since as far as I am aware PearPC is not actively maintained and is considered quite slow. How about a PPC JIT core from QEMU, or Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii emulator) - the latter is quite fast, if a recent i7 can comfortably emulate a 700MHz+ PPC CPU (and potentially more), this may be quite fast for OS4.x (and/or MorphOS).

My understanding is that the PPC JIT from SheepShaver (PPC classic Mac emulator) lacks MMU support which is needed for OS4.x. I'm not sure if MorphOS (whether the classic PowerUP Free Edition, or the current 3.x builds) has the same MMU requirement as OS4.x there.
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