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Originally Posted by 64greatjcb View Post
Could you list on this forum the link to the new website that will soon be coming up so I can better know what is going on with the new C64 reloaded computer system.
It's the same URL that you've used before: - we're working on a completely new site, and I've disabled the old one due to the massive problems that Ondango has been causing (that's the old shop provider). They required the user to allow cross-site scripting with Facebook *and* Ondango, and they have a pretty unstable database server. Sometimes I get an orer notification and it's not visible in the backend, and vice versa. Thank god nothing was lost so far, but I'm fed up with that. The new site is completely hosted on my system and won't require the user to violate basic data protection rules.

Originally Posted by 64greatjcb View Post
Also, I did not realize Hotmail was so bad about dealing with emails. What email provider do you suggest looking at? Could you provide a few providers that are reasonable in terms of cost? Thanks for your time.
I'd have to list "anyone else" - Hotmail is really the only provider blocking us from delivering mails to them. And you find numerous references to similar reports from others. I really don't want to recommend any other eMail provider, as many of them have their flaws - including the German de-mail, which was created by the German post, supported by our government in order to have a safe and authenticated way of eMailing. Their flaw is simply that they have been hacked before they went fully public, and to my knowledge, didn't fix the leak until now (more than a year later).

If you want something truly safe where your favourite 3-letter-service can't read your communication, you'll have to setup your own server and place that outside the US. And that will probably put you on the same list with this German guy who is just very interested in cryptography ;-)

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