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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
"Requires: OS 2.04" means that 2.04 is the minimum OS version required to run the programm. So it will work also on 3.0 and 3.1 and later. Alternative you can use LoadResident as gulliver mentioned.
I will try with LoadResident... LoadModule didn't work for me.

I typed in an amigashell:

version scsi.device
scsi.device version 40.3
loadmodule devs:scsi.device noreboot
version scsi.device
scsi.device version 40.3
version devs:scsi.device
scsi.device version 43.47
I assume it didn't work... the above was reproduced from memory...

Will try loadresident next (sorry gulliver, missed your post as I was using tapatalk on my phone). Will report back soon... please bear with this newbie
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