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Originally Posted by 64greatjcb View Post
I need to verify something concerning the 64 reloaded new motherboard you currently are in the process of developing.
Happy to answer - I've tried replying to the tickets you've opened, but you have your eMail with a provider who doesn't like the fact that I'm running a secure eMail server: Hotmail currently doesn't accept eMails from my server.

Originally Posted by 64greatjcb View Post
I was under the impression that your motherboard would go from Pal to NTSC and back with just a switch?
It doesn't. However, it makes conversion from PAL to NTSC fairly easy, as the VIC-II chip is in a Textool socket, and the crystals for both PAL and NTSC are on the board. You choose one or the other setting with a jumper, and that will also change the TICK frequency from 50 to 60Hz and back, so you never have a "franken-computer" with these frequencies mixed (as you would have if you'd operate a PAL computer on 60Hz mains in the US).

Originally Posted by 64greatjcb View Post
However, it looks like this is not true? I have games from both Europe and the United States. If I want many people in a building to play any game on the commodore system (Europe or US), then I need to load that game on the region specific computer. However, this is frustrating and a hassle. I would rather press a switch and use the same computer. To my knowledge, the c64 computers from all regions are the same except the video signal (Pal or NTSC) and the Power Frequency (50hz for Pal and 60hz for NTSC). So, how hard could it be to switch between two video modes and make a switch for the power frequency. I must admit that the average person today will not mess with the Chamelon (Multi Cartrdge) device and I see no reason to do so today.
The Chameleon would have been the thing I'd suggest, as it allows switching from PAL to NTSC and back without hardware modification.

Making a board that has both VIC-II chips would be way more complicated than making two boards. The VIC-II chip is "the bus master" for the whole computer, and it has no means of leaving the bus to another master. Switching between the chips would involve quite some logic which would affect signal timing - not a good idea if you want to have a 100% compatible unit.

Originally Posted by 64greatjcb View Post
PS: I might be interested in one Pal Unit but honestly I would be interested in a whole lab of these motherboards if they had the Pal and Ntsc switch. You must realize that great games can be found in the US and Europe. There is not just one region of good games available.
True - however, many games that first came out in the US were updated and bug-fixed for release in Europe, so I guess we have a slight advantage here :-)

Originally Posted by 64greatjcb View Post
So, I don't know if you're backed up significantly but I find two weeks waiting for a response to my inquires on Individual Computers Website to be incredibly frustrating.
I find it extremely frustrating how Hotmail rejects eMails from a legit server. I can send eMails to any other provider, but Hotmail is rejecting us:

Connected to but sender was rejected.
Remote host said: 550 SC-001 (SNT004-MC1F50) Unfortunately, messages from weren't sent.
Hotmail doesn't reply to written requests (yes, I've sent a letter with snailmail about a month ago), and they provide no means of debugging this issue (only a useless step-by-step guide with very basic stuff, all OK here). I've tried replying to your requests and got failure messages all three times. You're not the only one waiting for a reply. My new website informs anyone who provides an eMail that Hotmail doesn't work.

Originally Posted by 64greatjcb View Post
I hope this changes because I think some people might consider not to do business with you when this sort of thing is going on. However, I am pretty forgiving on such matters because I want everyone to enjoy retro things more for the fun aspect and not the business aspect of things. I look forward to your oppinion on this!
Best thing I can suggest here is not to do business with Hotmail/Microsoft. Some say that Hotmail doesn't like "many" providers, others say that it's because they see a secure eMail server and want to separate from "others" who allow NSA access (I wonder how much conspiracy theory is in there).

You can ask many customers from the Amiga and C64 scene who have used my ticket system before; I'm answering support questions *very* quickly (usually under 24 hours). However, there's a huge number of unclaimed tickets for the C64 Reloaded, waiting to be pointed to a part of the new website that will hopefully go online in the next few days. If you want to relay this information to your friends on Lemon (where I'm also registered, but don't drop by so often), it might help calming potential customers :-)


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