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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
And also log file attached.
Wrong version. (beta9 is old and I am quite sure this problem is already fixed).

Originally Posted by DarrenHD View Post
I don't know if it is possible with WinUAE, but on OS 4 or OS 4.1 Classic you can enable serial output to see why it is crashing.

Use kernel.debug (modify your kicklayout), then in the startup-sequence BootLoader command line put something like this:

BootLoader COMMANDLINE="SERIAL debuglevel=5 BaudRate=115200".

I can tell you from experience a red screen means PPC is not working or not present. (I'm an OS4 classic beta tester
Just add -serlog command line to see serial log in log window.

It crashes (red screen) because PPC BAT MMU registers (similar to 68030+ TTRs) are either invalid or some memory address is wrong.

Only way to confirm is to crash it on real hardware early enough (I don't know how..) and compare serial dump register contents.
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