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Originally Posted by Ami_GFX View Post
This is what I get. It loads the rom and freezes on a red screen. If I reset it, it freezes on a green screen the second time and the third time, it just gets to the reset black screen and Winuae stops responding if I reset it a fourth time. It was the same when I tried the OS4 install floppy.
I don't know if it is possible with WinUAE, but on OS 4 or OS 4.1 Classic you can enable serial output to see why it is crashing.

Use kernel.debug (modify your kicklayout), then in the startup-sequence BootLoader command line put something like this:

BootLoader COMMANDLINE="SERIAL debuglevel=5 BaudRate=115200".

I can tell you from experience a red screen means PPC is not working or not present. (I'm an OS4 classic beta tester
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