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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
It crashed again. The logs seem to be saying I am getting SCSI errors??
It went wrong earlier:

29-950 [722 225-042]: Starting PPC thread.
29-950 [722 226-049]: B-Trap fffc at 89d8f5a (4C9F6F7A)
29-951 [722 225-055]: [CPU/CPU] <Warning> You are using the generic CPU!
29-951 [722 225-055]: [CPU/CPU] <Warning> This is much slower than the just-in-time compiler and
29-951 [722 225-055]: [CPU/CPU] <Warning> should only be used for debugging purposes or if there's
29-951 [722 225-055]: [CPU/CPU] <Warning> no just-in-time compiler for your platform.
29-951 [722 225-056]: [CPU/CPU] execution started at fff00100
29-951 [722 225-056]: [PPC/DEC] Bad opcode: 00000000 (0:0) PC=fff00100
29-951 [722 225-056]: singlestep set from ..\..\ppc\pearpc\cpu\cpu_generic\ppc_dec.cpp:96, info: unknown instruction

29-951 [722 225-056]: ppc_cpu_run() exited.
29-964 [723 134-000]: Illegal instruction: 00f8 at 00000018 -> 089CBA8C
29-964 [723 134-000]: Illegal instruction: 3fe0 at 089CBA8C -> 089CBA8C
May not have anything to do with emulation. Can't really help unless it can be duplicate easily. But if there are any unofficial patches: unsupported unless it is confirmed they really do work with PPC boards.

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
The backup I took of my old A4000T (CSPPC/PicassoIV) works a treat with PPC emulation, WarpOS 5.1 & WarpDT is installed IIRC.

The nearest I get to anything WOS running is Grey screen on ADoomWOD but no crash!

Other Games just Crash out, great work so far - waiting for the next update's
Great but few posts ago I said nothing will change unless there are proper reports and also some easy way to duplicate it. (=zip I can unpack somewhere)
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