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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
What is today goal in WinUAE ? A perfect Amiga PPC emulation ? Or is still a perfect Amiga 500 emulation ? (hopefully both)

p.s. In a case of A500, FYI, there are some new issues reported in the "Problematic Demos" thread waiting confirmation!

EDIT: Also, what happened with better A1200 CE emulation ?

03 May 2014 ->

10 July 2014 ->

Seems everything gets priority over better 68020 CE emulation! (even so unwanted PPC and never mentioned accelerators)
(p.s. Got bored with the recent CPU stuff !? ... but didnt PPC emulation is also a CPU stuff ?)
Stop asking this all the time. I do what I want to do. Plans will always change.

Current is PPC and when it is finished (it already works good enough for me), then it is back to normal stuff. It should have been obvious. (PPC also got higher priority than normal because of donations! Thanks again.)
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