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Originally Posted by TroelsDK View Post
Your kids are more important than this after all, but still nice to see you are updating the program

I'd really love to be able to change the 'Genre' list.

Demolition patched my iGame so it doesn't write to disk every time. I don't care for 'last played', 'never played', and it cuts of some seconds every startup.

I'd really be glad to have this as default, without the other options and at the top...?
Ok, try this:

Use the tooltype: SAVESTATSONEXIT

It will keep the stats categories there, but it will not save the stats every time you launch a game. It will do so only when you close the application. Haven't tested it at all.

I'll see how I can get rid of the stats categories there with an option or something in a safe way some time later.

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