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Originally Posted by Havie View Post
I think it needs z ordering.
I agree. I'd also like to see some other gameplay elements, and maybe that saucer could be a little more ā€œ2.5dā€ as it's permanently on the same z depth as the player at the moment. Also these 28 levels look basically identical aside from the background picture changing. Fair enough, and I guess it's early days.

Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
The game is only using 1/3 of the screen?
Largely it looks as though that's what the game uses, although the visible screen screen is updating each frame for the flying saucer to wizz up and down.

Hats off to the developer for getting something going and for presenting the progress. I can't help but wonder why they didn't do that for the Atari game when there were grave doubts about the game existing. A PR mess at the least.

I once made a Star Wars thing with asteroids along similar lines (obviously you had to avoid/shoot the asteroids). My engine (I wouldn't call it a game) was lame though, good for practice and to show your mates but little else. And I have to say I don't see anything here from RPC that would get a purchase from me as yet.
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