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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Thanks MrZammler. I was thinking now -fast idea- that for example for AmiKit Real or any other OS it would be perhaps better if iGame could have an "Images Store" drawer including all the ones that are available today with the Games images to start searching, so people woudn't have to find them for themselves and it -or iGame with updates- could directly provide them for the games you have just automatically adding them to the drawer you indicate for games and leaving -or asking to update- the existing ones.

Edit: You know that recently TroelsDK has provided some more images and that he is really interested on this since a long time now There is another pack appart of the one of CWB, but I would have to search it. Mfilos has to know as I believe it was some greek guy who did it. Edit: I think TroelsDK could provide the latest updated complete pack .

You know you aren't handling with a normal Amiga application. It's the one the most of us use to play Games. And that's what the most of the people do with their miggys .
Yes, the whole images thing, can be better. I was originally thinking that *maybe* after a while, whdload slave authors and packers could include an image with their pack, so that's the idea behind having an igame.iff file inside the folder.

Anyway, I suppose a separate folder with only game screenshots can be managed. Each image should probably must have the same filename as the slave for iGame to be able to pick it up. Current functionality should remain of course so as not to break current installations.

We'll see :-)
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