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Question about Turbo Board emulation for A1200

Hi Toni,

just a question for emulation of Turbo Boards for the Amiga 1200.

The Blizzard TB I know have a feature to fallback to the mainboard CPU. To switch off the TB (with all features such as FastRAM, SCSI) and get support of the mainboard CPU the user must press "2" at booting. In actual versions of WinUAE (beta) this isn't possible, because there is only one place to setup a CPU.

If I want select a TB for A1200 (i.e. Blizzard 1230 IV), I must configure a 68030 CPU in CPU options. But this isn't the real behavior. Normally at this case must selected a 68EC020 and another CPU should be set in (i.e.) "Turbo Board Settings".

Is such a handling planned in future versions?

PS: I must say, that this is completely different to BigBox Amigas. These Amigas have no possibility of a fallback mode.
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