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WindowsBoy - I am shocked too, but shocked rather that you would concern your first thread on an Amiga board about how many of the members are deluded because they don't share your opinion. It looks suspiciously like trolling to me.

Believe it or not, your word is not a Universal Truth and this is an Amiga board, not a Windows fan board. Some members hate Microsoft and Windows XP and some like it. Some use only their Amiga. That is up to them. Personally, my main computer runs Windows XP and I also use WinUAE and a real upgraded Amiga.

What we don't need is yet another discussion about the Amiga vs PC or Workbench vs Windows. These topics have been overdone and often end in flame wars, because of the strong feelings involved. The topic has been restarted again in an inflammatory and poorly argued way. What's the point, other than to annoy people?
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