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Separate thread for PPC stuff would be nice but it should be started by someone who actually knows about PPC and wants to help

Originally Posted by Ami_GFX View Post
I'm impressed. The Picasso IV emulation gave me more problems than the PPC emulation. I couldn't get it to work with Cybergraphics. It would just hang at the boot pic. It works OK with Picasso 96 but I'm having a few display issues. It might be just this laptop which is not the one I normally use for Winuae.
Install CGX update from Aminet. Older version seems to assume some specific interrupt state after VGA chip has been reset/woken up. Can't fix it because I only have PicassoII which does not support interrupts.

Originally Posted by DarrenHD View Post
One comment, the IdleWOS utility (which is a PPC CPU meter) doesn't update very fast at all. On my real CS PPC it is very fast updating, on emulation it is very slow and tends to stay at one number - and usually a high percentage of PPC CPU usage) for a long period, doesn't seem to get back down to 0-1% which is normal on my A4000/CS PPC when I'm not using any PPC apps.
I'd say this is non-problem. PPC CPU emulation will try to stay idle (thread sleeping) longer than real CPU to not cause extra host CPU activity because PPC CPU code (when idle) has habit of sleeping a bit, then checking something, sleeping again and that is practically same as staying mostly active all the time in emulation.

It is really amazing how quickly you were able to do this.
It was much simpler than I thought it is. Board is quite simple, only few registers, most of the time was needed to find out how registers actually worked (it was only partially documented in netbsd and linux but it was great help), PPC CPU was quite easy part, only needed to check PPC specs that PPC CPU initial PC is 0xfff00100 (or 0x0100) and the rest was simple glue code.
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