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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
No one has asked to put anything in extended rom. Don't do it! Read all posts in this thread first.

You surely have some config issues if you have warpos libraries installed but PPC set to disabled.

EDIT: and check winuelog.txt.
Tony, I re-installed OS 3.1 then 3.9 clean and now PPC is working - Thanks very much. It is really amazing how quickly you were able to do this. Not ready to replace my real CS PPC system but it's really interesting to see this working on WinUAE

One comment, the IdleWOS utility (which is a PPC CPU meter) doesn't update very fast at all. On my real CS PPC it is very fast updating, on emulation it is very slow and tends to stay at one number - and usually a high percentage of PPC CPU usage) for a long period, doesn't seem to get back down to 0-1% which is normal on my A4000/CS PPC when I'm not using any PPC apps.


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