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Ok, I had an image of my Amiga 4000D disk made with Winuae and I managed to get beta 2.9 working with OS 3.1 and 3.9 with WarpUp. It was surprisingly smooth after I got the RTG working--I have a Cybervision 64 in the real Amiga and used the Picasso IV emulation. All the PPC software I have installed worked but was quite a bit slower than the real Amiga. I'm using a 1.8ghz Centrino Duo Thinkpad with ATI graphics. OS4.0 wouldn't work. I got to a red screen as the kickstart loaded and a green screen when I reset. That happened with both the installed system and the boot floppy/CD combo.

I'm impressed. The Picasso IV emulation gave me more problems than the PPC emulation. I couldn't get it to work with Cybergraphics. It would just hang at the boot pic. It works OK with Picasso 96 but I'm having a few display issues. It might be just this laptop which is not the one I normally use for Winuae.
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