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I'm glad that some people still play my game.

- About unix scripts: sorry about that, I don't have access to a linux box. I'll fix that when I release another version (the archive maker will be a python one hopefully it will improve the archive )

- About the freeze: depends on java version. Sometimes an exception is triggered in the background and you don't see it hence the freeze. Try to check the console when it happens

- There's a VERY annoying bug remaining: on some levels, the lap is not accounted for (and you lose!) because of a "tunnel" effect on some too narrow triangular checkpoint zones. I'll try to quickfix it (with a hack), because the proper fix would make me refactor a lot of the game and all the levels.I wish I had better clues about game design when I coded this. I wanted to create a game where the users could create new maps easily without too many layers ("colored" zones for slopes, checks, walls ...) and that's the main reason for the bug to be short

- and BTW since the time I have revised my position about java: C++/SDL combination is much better and more portable to portable devices (NDS,android...). Once again, the vector technology I used was very confortable with java because of all java2D primitives.

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