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Originally Posted by esc View Post
Hey Toni,

For fun, I tried installing quake (warpos) and running it. PPC crashes. Would log files be of any value whatsoever here? Presumably I'm surpassing the speed capability of the PPC emulator.
Speed (or lack of it) won't cause any crashes.

Log may help, if it is some simple reason.

To everyone:

I don't really care about games that are PC ports. PPC or not. I don't even care if PPC emulation improves anymore (Only exception: PearPC JIT mode may be added later), it is good enough for me now.

In other words, only proper reports can make it better.

EDIT: The simpler and smaller the program that "don't work", the better change is to fix it. (Quake really isn't and there can be dozens of non-problem problems..)

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