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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
But the important question is: does it work with previous betas or 2.8.1?
After transfering system files to my hdf image (previous was corrupted somehow): yes, it is working fine on 2900b9, 2820b8 and 2.8.1final (hdc: uae or ide).
When using latest beta 10 and QS A1200 4MB (cycle exact on and approx a500/a1200):
020 4x, hdc: UAE or IDE it's OK
030 8x, hdc: UAE (after long time loading) it's OK
030 8x, hdc: IDE "Software Failure"
Keep in mind that OS files from directories (System and Work dirs from Amiga Forever '12) are working fine always.
But if no one have similar problems maybe it isn't worth time to spend... You have more important things to do for sure

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