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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
ok I switched to 060 now powerup test says ok
but warpos test says that warpos can not run in parallel with ppc.library etc
I deleted powerpc library but says idem thing

what I do now?
It is 100% correct behavior. BPCC has ppc.library in flash rom. There are workarounds but it is not topic here, as usual. Not specific to emulation.

Just don't use BPPC if you aren't sure what to do.

Originally Posted by amigafreak68k View Post
which PowerPC is emulated with BlizzardPPC? I can't check it at this moment. Maybe the problems are related to the PPC type? On Cyberstorm it is a 604e, on Blizzard 603e or 603e Plus
What problems? Nothing here is PPC CPU related.

I repeat: BPPC is special. It has LOTS OF flash built-in software that is normally disk based only.
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