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Here you will find an archive with a configuration to reproduce the problem:
  • Unpack ZIP
  • Copy winuae.exe and kick31.rom into that folder
  • Start winuae in Non-MMU mode with winuae -f 1200serial-no-mmu.uae
  • It should be running in the background now. Run telnet localhost 1234 to open WinUAE
  • In CLI enter "cop clidebug whichamiga"
  • On your console COP should start. Go into trace mode with 'z', then press 's' or 't' to make a step. COP won't hang, it will trace normally. It works!
  • Stop everything, close WinUAE, repeat the whole procedure with 1200serial-mmu.uae as configuration file (only difference is the MMU option). The system will hang when you try to make the first step with the debugger.

As I told you I'm not sure if this is a WinUAE specific issue. Thanks!
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