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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
The blizzppc had specific flash updaters for 040 and 060 cards and it does perform a cpu check and wouldn't run if you used the wrong one. My 040 rom is in the zone that you had previously requested.
I noticed but it still said only 68060 in boot rom version string. I assumed there is no difference between 040 and 060. It must be 68040 vs 68060 library difference, I guess only one will fit in flash.

EDIT: Solved the phantom memory appearance. Some reason Processor Memory and accelerator memory had become two different things with blizzppc. (processor ram slider wasn't ghosted)
They are two different things with Blizzard boards (different address space). Blizzards are special.

On AmigaOS 3.9 CDROM is an Installer for WarpOS5
Maybe but I don't trust installers, some of them have habit of installing incompatible or old versions if OS has never versions/patches installed.

Thats why I don't usually care about software problems that can't be confirmed on real hardware. Million things can go wrong due to mismatching versions etc..
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