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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
as I posted my ppc config is working I can access blizzardppc early menu pressing escape button, and picasso iv also is working Im runing wb at 1024x768 24 bits

but if you do not help posting a simple ppc program which works I can't do anything I can't starting to test programs I need something to start I never had a real ppc board
Simple programs were already listed, re-read this thread. Start with ppctest.

This thread is not for generic AmigaOS-side topics or how to run program X or Y or even how to use PPC board (excluding hardware config). Having PPC board or not having PPC board does not make any difference.

I don't do AmigaOS software support and this thread is not for AmigaOS software support.

EDIT: I don't even know how install PPC stuff correctly because I don't care. I only copied required libs and that was it.
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