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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This is not thread for AmigaOS installation questions, including PPC. It is not emulator specific topic. Please ask in some other forum. (and no one will find your post or replies from this thread later anyway)

btw, "not working" still does not help anyone. Try something simpler first to confirm your system is working! Confirm that Scout or similar reports PPC and correct expansion board type. Make sure early startup-shows correct board. Do not use BPPC unless you really know what are you doing, better use CSPPC.

as I posted my ppc config is working I can access blizzardppc early menu pressing escape button, and picasso iv also is working Im runing wb at 1024x768 24 bits

but if you do not help posting a simple ppc program which works I can't do anything I can't starting to test programs I need something to start I never had a real ppc board
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