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Anyone having problems with Blizzard PPC only (not with CSPPC), it most likely has nothing to do with emulation but BPPC boot rom doing system patches, having 680x0.library in rom and so on that causes problems with suspicious and unofficial system patches. BPPC is very different than any other board.

Only exception is if you have real BPPC and exact same config and WB setup works!

Strange memory amount: Also most likely not emulation problem if amount is correct when booting without startup-sequence. Then run setpatch and check again.

After transfering system files from directories to HDF file everything is back to normal (HDC:UAE), everything except Software Failure happens when HDC:IDE mode...
But the important question is: does it work with previous betas or 2.8.1?

is uae.card still running with the "uaecall" $f0ff60-trap?
No, it uses private interface. Old "uaecall" is only kept for backwards compatibility purposes and it gets disabled when new is used for the first time.
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