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Hi Toni,

sorry i had no time to read this "exploding" thread.
A while ago you asked for the function of some memareas.

CSMK3/CSPPC - $00f60000
move.b #$02,$00f60000
move.b #$82,$00f60000
This part is used to perform a complete "pci-bus-reset", including all attached cards (grex).
Remember this also affects CVPPC/BVision, they are comparable to singleslot-pci-solutions (grex-lite).

$FFFA.1xxx = PCI I/O Address (GRex)
($FFFB.1xxx = PCI I/O Address (GRex / endian swap) * not confirmed*)

$FFFC.0xxx = PCI I/O Address (CVPPC/BVision single-slot)

$FFFE.0000 = set bit 1 - unknown
$FFFE.0010 = set bit 0 - enable pci Interrupts

q: is uae.card still running with the "uaecall" $f0ff60-trap?
(now it is inside the firmware-rom)

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