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It's been about 25 years since I did one of these, but I just tried some stuff out in WinUAE which seems to work. This only has a text menu with remapped keys but adding the rest should be easy-ish.

First thing is to make a bootable disk image with these folders:

I couldn't find the old keymap tool I used but there's one on Aminet called Editkeys163.lha , you'll need to load an existing keymap in from Workbench if you want the rest of your keyboard to work as it doesn't seem to map them all by default.

Click on each function key and in the box at the bottom put EXECUTE 1 for F1, EXECUTE 2 in F2 etc so it'll run a numbered script when you press the key. Also after you type the text click on the RETURN icon next to that box. (it'll add a little command code to the text)

Save that on your disk in DEVS/KEYMAPS as musickeymap

Now we'll need to copy some things from the Workbench's C folder into your C folder. If you don't have wb have a scout around some old cli musicdisks or compilations, everyone basically used the same stuff back then. (remember all those musicdisks with stars on the cli screen?) Copy these:

Setmap (or Setkey or something similar name)
Now we need to put the bootup script in that S folder, copy this and save it as startup-sequence in there:

setmap musickeymap
type menu.txt
If you had a picture viewer you'd stick that in the script, there's probably old iff ones on random musicdisks. (I think the old Slipstream ones did it if they still exist)

Now you need a cli mod player, on Aminet I could only find one for classic OS (lowplay.lha) so we'll use that for now. You can probably find a better one on some old musicdisk. Copy the contents to the C folder.

For each song write a script named 1, 2, 3 etc. and save it in the root with this in it:

lowplay songname.mod
type menu.txt
Finally save your menu text to a file called menu.txt and put that and your songs in the root of the disk. Hopefully should work, though it'll look a bit messy without a CLS command. (which I remember being a program back then, probably on some old musicdisk somewhere)

One other thing, when I made the text files in PC Notepad they had trouble reading on Amiga so I had to load them into an Amiga editor and save there. (ANSI/ASCII error? Dunno)

Anyway, that's the basics. Was quite funny trying to make one of these again, hope this helps.
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