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P5_SELF_RESET function found: It is protected bit (need unlock sequence to set/reset it) and it needs to be cleared or P5_AMIGA_RESET bit does nothing.

For some reason display blanks for few seconds if I try to clear P5_AMIGA_RESET without P5_SELF_RESET, without reseting anything at all. Possibly something to do with Indivision AGA MK2. If P5_SELF_RESET is cleared, P5_AMIGA_RESET does reset whole system.

P5_M68K_RESET does nothing, P5_SELF_RESET cleared or set. Perhaps it only works when P5_M68K_RESET is cleared by PPC CPU? I am not sure if it also needs P5_SELF_RESET.

P5_AUX_RESET and P5_SCSI_RESET does not require P5_SELF_RESET bit.
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