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Originally Posted by MagerValp View Post
This is a brilliant solution. Does it automatically clock back up after a set number of cycles?
Yes, of course! Otherwise this would be the same inconvenient solution as the mechanical switch on SCPU. Granted, there's a JiffyDOS version available for SCPU, but the Chameleon turbo works with all fastloaders (including JiffyDOS), no questions asked.

Originally Posted by MagerValp View Post
Also, any news regarding C64 Reloaded? Wiki says July
Yeah - got to update that as well. Work on the USB module has taken way more time than anticipated, so the C64 Reloaded is behind. It's still not on top priority now, because we *must* go online with the new website this coming week: We'll be spreading flyers at the GamesCom fair (Cologne, Germany), and it would be really bad if people still get the old site.

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