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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
Unfortunately I don't have access to my A4000T at the moment and can't dump the CStormPPC rom (I think I had the first private release with PCI options but decided not the get GRex back in the day. I think I will need the one without PCI options for OS4.1 anyway so I'll probably downgrade the firmware once I get it back). Can't test at the moment
No difference in emulation, there is no PCI or G-Rex or Cybervision support.

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
47-160 [11 222=306]: CS IO BPUT 00f60020 60 PC=0f444ec6
47-160 [11 222=306]: CS IO BPUT 00f60020 50 PC=0f444ed0
47-160 [11 222=306]: CS IO BPUT 00f60020 30 PC=0f444eda
It runs code from SCSI SCRIPTS RAM, this may not be 100% correctly emulated yet. Try without JIT.

Probably impossible to fix without me having installation files...
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