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Run at approximate speed (when possible)

Would be possible for WinUAE to work if the "run at approximate speed" option run the emulation at a fixed MHz when there is sufficient x86 CPU power, but work like "Fastest possible" when the CPU meter reach near 100% usage?

I explain why: there are many times when I want to run the emulation at a certain CPU frequency like a real Amiga, but I know that there are times that my computer cant stand with WinUAE running at this speed (when browsing with SANA emulation for example), and when this happens the mouse and refresh rate is affected because the emulated 68k CPU will always run at that exact clock speed (but no less) no matter if there isnt enough x86 CPU power to finish everything in one emulator frame.

When I enable "Fastest possible", it runs flawlessly, and even when AmigaOS may get slow when the emulated 68k CPU dont have enough horsepower, WinUAE will always finish everything in one emulator frame with my x86 CPU, so WinUAE remains fast, and I lose fewer frames. **

On the other hand, with "run at approximate speed" enabled, WinUAE sets the CPU frequency to an exact value and never change it, like I said before; perhaps would be best if it adjust the speed to lower or equal to the CPU frequency at every frame depending on the CPU usage, like "Fastest possible" does but with a maximum speed that the user can especify... May it work?

** When I use B7 and run it in Fullscreen + VSync, at least. From B8+ this is not what happens...

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