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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Screenshot please
Crashes as in kernel level crash or user program crash? Anything interesting in logs?

No screenshots yet as the boot process does not get to the point where it will load CGX and Monitor drivers, also curiously it crashes randomly at various points.

But the interesting part is that Quark does boot and loads ABox which then starts the normal Amiga style bootup.

It gets all the way till executing MOSSYS:S/Startup-sequence, but crashes there. <- boots till startup-sequence script.

WinUAE Bootlog error at that point:

@fff1b2b8 (793772032 ops) pdec: 0002453c lr: 00000000
[PPC/DEC] Bad opcode: 7c095415 (31:522) PC=111b6cc4
singlestep set from ..\..\ppc\pearpc\cpu\cpu_generic\ppc_dec.cpp:96, info: unknown instruction

Also: these are the times that its so frustrating that you don't have a sourcetree to cross reference with :-)

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