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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
MOS-PUP boots all the way till userland and then crashes on loading some binary, i'll see if i can figure out why.

-- Obviously, this is not a real bug report nor meant to be.
Screenshot please
Crashes as in kernel level crash or user program crash? Anything interesting in logs?

Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
Toni, sorry, are you waiting for something to be finished before you fix the speed of Fastest possible + CE 68020, or you isnt aware of this issue? Thats because I am unsure if this is an issue of my computer only or not. The speed is always fixed at 14.2 MHz and do not change. Before B8 it reached 50 MHz in WhichAmiga. Maybe I misunderstood something?
It seems to work correctly, it is not easy to find good balance between too slow emulated CPU speed and too high host CPU requirements in these kinds of strange modes.. Some tuning still needed.

btw, do not trust any speed tests, they sometimes only have few possible results and choose the one that is "closest fit". (Nearly guaranteed to work that way if normal result is exactly right!)
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