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Well after reviewing some of the site I must say.

Are you guys ďOut of Touch Rich Elitists?

After reading many posts from Akira, UnknownK, IanS, Pyromania, Twistin Ghost, Mr. Softly, Amigaboy, RetroMan, LaundroMat I am shocked! When I owned an Amiga comparing it to the latest version of Windows at the time (3.1) hell yes the Amiga was far better. But comparing that same Workbench (3.1) which has never been updated in what 10 years now to Windows XP (The ultimate superior OS of all time) is unbelievable. Of course XP is better do you guys have your heads stuck in the sand? Doesnít Workbench do like 256 colors max even on the best Amiga (4000)? I love to play classic Amiga games as much as the next guy via emulation but I donít dare even think my emulated Amiga is better than then the Windows OS it is dependant on and a slave to run. WinUAE is a Windows program after all. We all should be thankful of Windows and the WinUAE developers that have given us a way to run classic Amiga games since the Amiga hardware is Outdated/Not available/Old.

Itís 2003 guys, a new Amiga game or app has not been produced in years and the company is dead.

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