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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
How do I dump the rom of my CyberstormPPC?
If it is normal 128k flash version (not DCE, I don't know how DCE 512k flash is mapped), download "mon165.lha" from Aminet, run it (boot without startup-sequence), type "] f00000 20000 filename.rom" to save it. Or use any other monitor program if you want that has save to disk support.

Originally Posted by DarrenHD View Post
Edit/Update: In WarpOS Prefs in sysrefs it was set to "NO PPC". I unchecked that, and at least now when I try to start WarpOS Apps I get a guru. Some progress anyway Tried IdleWOS and Scout, both guru.
I guess you have some incompatible settings in some config file.. (if it is copied from real hardware with different config?)

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Picasso IV ZIII makes RAM volatile (OS 3.9's ROM update is installed again and again and again...)

PIV ZII crashes WinUAE once the ROM update is installed.
This was introduced in b9?

EDIT: Crash dumps with JIT enabled are always useless. Also crash dumps from non-official betas are useless too.

EDIT: You have 8M chip ram with Z2 RTG which will conflict. This is not checked.

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