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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
- Automatically enabled when CyberStorm PPC or Blizzard PPC emulation is selected.\
Tony I can't seem to get the PPC cpu to start. I have cyberstorm ppc setup and the rom, the cyberstorm libraries are present (I checked with scout, so I am running as a cyberstorm PPC).

I installed WarpOS 5.1 Update and a few warpOS apps, but the PPC CPU is always in STOP. On my real Amiga 4000/PPC when WarpOS is installed the powerpc.library (if present in libs) automatically activates the PPC cpu and it should be in an "Idle" state after booting. But on my WinUAE it says "STOP" and WarpOS software doesn't start - the last line in snoopdos is a successful open of powerpc.library but nothing further. No crash or anything but nothing runs.

Am I missing something?

Edit/Update: In WarpOS Prefs in sysrefs it was set to "NO PPC". I unchecked that, and at least now when I try to start WarpOS Apps I get a guru. Some progress anyway Tried IdleWOS and Scout, both guru.

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