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Originally Posted by cosmiq View Post
This might be the wrong place to ask, but does anyone know where to buy an AmigaOS4.1 compatible machine nowadays? I always had 500's and other retro models, but never had the newer amiga stuff.. OS4.1 looks really great!
I have checked some sites... most of them dont have anything on stock, and AmigaKIT only has the most expensive piece left...
The only machines you can still buy are the X1000 (which AmigaKit sells) and the SAM motherboards (SAM 460ex, SAM 440ep https://acube-systemsbiz.serversicur...m-motherboards) and bundles (like the AmigaOne 500 https://acube-systemsbiz.serversicur...4-case-systems )

They won't be cheap in any case I think Acube might have some more stock this September - they're on holidays now.

Otherwise, look in the used market. AmigaOne XE, AmigaOne SE, Pegasos I, Pegasos II and EFIKA are the ones you want to look for.
They cost more than a SAM even if used though, as they're rarer
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