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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Awesome work, and its a great start to a long requested feature

The emulation seems really slow (yes i did read "speed is irrelevant") at this early stage (maybe 7mhz like an A500 ) but it does seem to be working. Warp datatypes including os39 ppc picture.datatype and Amidi (WarpOS) are working for me atm, just quite slowly.
SManWOS (mandelbrot program from Aminet) at least seems to be "not slow". Check that log is not filled with strange messages and also make sure m68k CPU settings are as fast as possible (68060, fastest possible, no mmu, jit can be enabled, no cpu idle)

Most notable issue is the emu crashes in very bad way when trying to reset the emulation. crash box appears but the mouse is stuck in the winuae window. I have to alt tab a few times and middle mouse in order to get to task manager to forcibly quit uae.
I don't think I tested this at all..

EDIT: Confirmed, will be fixed in next beta. PPC CPU in sleeping state wasn't woken up causing deadlock while waiting for CPU emulator to stop..

EDIT2: NCR53C770 spurious interrupt will be also fixed.

Thanks for donations

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