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My emu doesnt see any scsi devices ???

WinUAe doesnt reconise my CD-Roms at all now for some reason. i typed all that you said in your post here and used the cd0 that came with AmiCDFS and modified that and put it into devs DOSdrivers and when i double click on MCDPlayer i get the following error:

"NCDP Error Message:

Can't open scsi device!

- wrong device name?

- wrong scsi ID?"

I have a CD-Writer and a DVD-Rom both IDE i installed the aspi layer from Adaptec and thats fine. I copied the all the files to the C & L drawers like the walkthrough on AmiCDFS told me to and i modified the CD0 that came with that and moved it to DOSdrivers.

I used the AmiCDFS.030 and renamed it to AmiCDFS because i was emulating the A1200 and it said this was the best one.

The only thing that puzzled me was the The AmiCDFS said to copy this to the ENVARC:sys/ the thing is i dont know which one i should move as there are 2 of them on the AmiCDFS folder one in the 'Icons' Drawer and one in the 'NewIcons' Drawer.

Another strange thing is that WinUAE doesnt show my CD-ROM's in the error txt file anymore either.

Before it said my writer was uaescsi.device:0 and my DVD-ROM was uaescsi.device:1

Now they dont show up in the txt file.

On the CD0: driver that came with AmiCDFS it had some text that said shouldnt be modified i added ur script beneath this.

Please what am i doing wrong i have a few Amiga Format Cover CD's that i would love to try out.
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